I am a trans-disciplinary artist working in Portland, OR. My work utilizes everyday domestic objects, sound, video, food, and smell into site-specific installations. The work circumnavigates around a language of feminism, the body, mother-daughter relationships, and humor. I pull from primary experiences, memory, history, oral traditions, and collaboration heightening a sensory experience. By exposing the versatility through the manipulation of these objects I am able to trigger personal, cultural, and emotional responses. In my gestures I utilize humor as a foil for shame, embarrassment, and pain around the lived experience of everyday life which is demonstrated through strategies of renewing, repurposing, and converting the everyday domestic object.


My materials are rooted in a consumer driven culture, where value is placed on the market. There is a recent trend to repurpose or renew the everyday domestic object. “Vintage” and “Retro” are lexicons indicative of a retail vocabulary. This increase of vernacular is designed to shift the economic value of goods, thus resulting in the loss of any human attachment left within the item. By transforming the object from its ordinary state to an extraordinary one, I am reclaiming the physical imprint adhered to an object. Tell-tell signs of discolorations or tarnishing is indexical to person, use, or place personifying the object enhancing its age and aesthetic.


If you would like to contact me I can be reached at,